As a result of the devastating events that recently unfolded at Westfield in Bondi Junction, and the Church in Wakeley, many families are still in a state of disbelief trying to comprehend how and why these incidents occurred. All of us have been affected in some way, with some being left more traumatised than others.

Although such incidents are rare, they can still be scarring. It's in these situations that it is vitally important for parents and carers to check in with their children. Being aware of what information they've been exposed to will hopefully minimise their emotional fallout in coming weeks.

The brain stores traumatic events as powerful emotional memories, influencing behaviour through mechanisms beyond a child's conscious awareness. By providing young people with support and equipping them with coping mechanisms to handle uncertainty, parents and carers can greatly enhance a child's capacity to recover and build long-term emotional resilience.

This Special Report will help you identify a child experiencing trauma and how you can support them to overcome it.

Here is the link to your Special Report

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Student News

Zarah is the proud big sister of gorgeous little Charlotte who was born on 16th April.  Congratulations to you all, Charlotte is absolutely adorable and it was lovely meeting her at school this morning!

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Food Bank for Needy Families

The St. John's community has a wonderful tradition of supporting families in need. The "Food Bank" is one where families come together to provide a meal for families within our school who are in need of support (for example, a new arrival, family illness or bereavement).  If you are aware of a family requiring support, please contact the office.

If you are willing to help out during the year, please contact Ben van de Camp and we will reach out when the need arises.  Thanks in advance. 

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AEDC Survey (Foundation Students)

Foundation families, today you will receive a letter providing information about the Australian Early Development Census. The AEDC is a national census conducted every three years by the Australian Government, in partnership with state and territory governments.  

The purpose of the AEDC is to measure how children have developed by the time they start their first year of full-time school, and it is a voluntary and confidential process.  

At St. John's this process will take place in May. To provide consent for the collection of your child's information, you do not need to do anything.  However, if you do not consent, please contact Ben van de Camp before the 9th May.  

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L0ne Pine Tree

In 2022, St. John's was fortunate to receive a juvenile Lone Pine tree, cultivated from the seeds of the Lone Pine in the Warrnambool Botanic Gardens. This tree is located near the flag poles. 

Featured here is an excerpt explaining the history of the Warrnambool Lone Pine. 

The Battle of Lone Pine was fought from 6-9 August 1915, on a heavily fortified plateau of the Gallipoli Peninsula, upon which stood a solitary pine tree. Intended to create a diversion for a British landing in Suvla Bay, the battle left between five and six thousand Turkish and 2,277 Australian soldiers dead.

In September, men of the Australian 23rd and 24th Battalions arrived fighting on alternate days. From the ruins of battle, Sergeant Keith McDowell picked up a pine cone from where the tree had once stood and carried it back home to Australia.

On his return, McDowell gave the pine cone to Mrs. Emma Gray, the aunt of McDowell’s wife Iris. Born in Tower Hill in 1870, Emma Gray ran a general store in Grasmere with her husband Robert. After about ten years Emma successfully grew four young pine trees from the pine cone.  The fourth was planted in Warrnambool’s Botanic Gardens, with a dedication service on 21st January 1934.

We received our Lone Pine through the ‘100 Lone Pines Project’, developed by the Friends of Gallipoli Inc and supported by the Victorian Branch of the RSL and the Victorian Government. Students have been caring for the Lone Pine at school since it was planted in 2022. 

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Mother's Day Breakfast

We invite Mothers or a special person to our annual Mother's Day Breakfast- which will be held on Friday 10th May starting at 7.30am in the Stadium.

Please complete the google form to let us know if you can make it. We hope to see you there!

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New Spaces!

Grade 2 Classrooms

Our Grade 2 cohort are thrilled to be working out of their new classrooms this term. We couldn't be happier with how this new space has come together. We commend the Grade 2 students and teaching staff for their flexibilty whilst waiting for their new classrooms.

At St. John’s we are now lucky enough to have 2 designated sensory rooms. These rooms aim to provide students with the sensory input they need to regulate, so they can feel good and be better prepared for learning and interacting with others. Each classroom also has a sensory tool box to help support students with their sensory needs. 

Our Quiet Area has also had a revamp.  Each week we will rotate the play stations available to students.  During our first week we had a bean bag corner, supermarket, car tracks, dolls house, wooden blocks and foam shapes.  

We feel it is important to provide students with opportunities for play as we know that play improves the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being of children. Through play, children learn about the world and themselves. They also learn skills they need for study, work and relationships such as: confidence, self-esteem, resilience, interaction, social skills, independence and coping with challenging situations.

Jasmine Koch and Jan Madden have done a magnificent job coordinating the Quiet Area and Sensory Rooms for our students.

Sensory Rooms

Quiet Area

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2024 Residential Addresses

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Specialist Timetables & Public Holidays

Due to the fact that we have the next two Thursdays as Public Holidays, we have created an alternate Specialist Timetable to ensure all students particpate in all of their Specialist Subjects over a 2 week block. The timetable for the next 2 Fridays is shown below.

All students need to wear their Sports Uniform over the next 2 Fridays please. 

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Around our School- Week 1

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Book Club

Scholastic Book Club catalouges were sent home last week. 

Book Club provides families with an affordable and convenient way to bring the best in children’s literature into their homes. Each issue contains curated, age-appropriate titles that have been carefully selected and levelled by a dedicated team of professional booklovers.

15% of every purchase on Book Club goes back to our school in Scholastic Rewards to buy valuable educational resources that benefit your child. Browse the pages with your child and help them choose books that suit their age and interests.

  • Order online via Book Club LOOP
  • The books are delivered back to your child's classroom where the teacher will hand them out to very excited students!
  • Your school earns Scholastic Rewards
  • Your school redeems Scholastic Rewards for additional school or classroom resources!
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Student Medical Information

A reminder that we require all families to login to PAM and update their child's Medical Information if their child's medical details have changed. This information assists with our electronic permission forms. 

Please follow the instructions below to update a medical profile for each of your children by:

  1. Click on link to PAM (found on our webpage or SZapp)
  2. Click on student (if more than 1 child, this will need to be done individually)
  3. Click on Medical Profile (blue writing to the left of screen)
  4. Check all questions and select Edit Details for updates to be made.
  5. Once you get to the end of the questions please confirm by clicking on the Green “Update Details” Box found at the bottom right of screen.

As a parent/guardian you are able to access your child/rens medical profile on PAM at any time to update as needed. If you have any queries or require your PAM login details, please do not hesitate to get in contact with the office. 

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Sign In Procedures

As part of our Child Safety measures, all parents/ guradians will need to bring with you your Working With Children Card or your VIT card the first time you sign in.  Once you have completed all sections of the sign in process you will create what is called a quickpin, which will be your mobile number as it is a unique number.  After that you will only need to enter your number to sign in & out and not everything else.

It does allow you to select the option that you just do not have your card on you, but a limit has been set for the number of times this is allowed.  If you have a VIT card, you can select that option at the start and use that number instead.  The sign in process does a live check with the Department of Justice and VIT to verify your cards are current and valid.  The most common reason for them to be rejected is because your card is in a different name to what you have signed in as e.g. shortened name (Jenny instead of Jennifer) or one is still in your maiden name.

We encourage all visitors to complete this process in full the first time you come in, if you need help, any of the admin team can assist you. I guarantee it will make it much quicker for you from then on.

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Camps, Sports and Excursion Fund

If you haven't put in a claim for the CSEF and you have a current health care card please complete the attached form and drop it into the office. 

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Sacrament of Confirmation

The South West Coast parish is now inviting all families of children to register to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation- this sacrament is available to all baptised children in Gr 3 and above.

The Formation evening for children and parents will be held tonight at 6pm at the Infant Jesus Church in Koroit, whilst the actual Sacrament will be held on Wednesday May 15th also in Koroit. 

We ask that families who wish for their child to receive this sacrament, please complete the linked form below.

Should you have any questions, please contact Tom Beks. 


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Home Reading versus Homework

For many years now there has been an ongoing conversations about the value of Homework. At St. John's we do not utilise homework as a means of supporting the learning program. This decision has been based on research that suggests that for over 85% of families, homework is a major stress. Many experts have suggested that large amounts of home learning often cause children to dislike learning – it is done, but not well, and is usually a chore rather than something that is fun. In his research on how children learn best, Professor John Hattie, University of Auckland, found that home learning has little impact. In fact out of a list of 123 things, home learning comes in at number 88. We learn through experiences (doing) and reflecting on these experiences. 

Our approach to Home Reading however is different as Home Reading is fundamental to learning achievement, it is different to Homework. Research shows that when parents/ guardians are involved in reading with their children the following benefits flow;

  • Parents’ perceptions, values, attitudes, and expectations play an important role in influencing their children’s attitudes toward reading, and subsequent literacy development. When children share a book with someone who makes them feel special, the attitude that reading is pleasurable is transferred to other reading encounters.
  • At the core of reading is a relationship and it is the bond between children and parents that is enhanced through reading together. It only takes ten minutes a day to build this relationship.
  • The research is conclusive: When parents successfully support their children’s literacy learning from an early age, everyone benefits. When teachers and parents work together to support children’s reading and academic success, learning outcomes for all children improve.
  • Students who read with their parents are better prepared for school. They begin school with knowledge of book language and familiarity with concepts of print. They understand how books work and have many more exposures to text types and vocabulary.
  • Knowing someone cares enough to take time out of a busy schedule to give you undivided attention around a book makes a significant difference to how students perceive themselves as learners and readers. When parents show an interest in their children’s learning, children respond positively.

At St. John's we ask that all families read nightly. For juniors, Home Reading is as per the Little Learners program and for all Gr 3-6 children there should be 20 minutes of reading on Mon, Tues, Wed & Thurs. 

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2025 Enrolment Tours

We are taking bookings for Enrolment Tours in May. Please share with anyone that you know that may be interesting in attending and learning more about our wonderful school. Please head to our website or click here for the link to register.

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Emmanuel College- Enrolments closing

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2025 Foundation Students

Foundation 2025 enrollments for siblings of current students are now welcome, please visit the following link to commence enrolling your Foundation 2025 child.

Enrolment Apply Now Link

If you require any assistance please contact the office.

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Community Notices

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