What learning looks like at St. John's Primary School

An art piece, by way of a sculptured garden, has been designed and installed in a roundabout at the Western Entrance to the school. The design of the statue and garden area was coordinated by and executed by artist Megan Cullum.
The piece incorporates symbolism of our school's patron saint, St. John The Baptist. It uses cut rusted steel, local Crypress timbers, local sandstone, plants and ceramic glazed tiles.
The bright turquoise ceramic tiles were created by all the students in the school, staff and some parents. They hold symbols created to represent St. John and his story. Together the take the shape of a river glistening; The Jordan River. It was where St. John Baptised people, including his cousin Jesus.
There is a large cut steel image of St John holding his long staff with a cross on the top. His hand beconing to Follow and "prepare the way" for the coming of Christ. These words are also on the supporting post also connecting the work of our Catholic school; preparing the children and families who come to our school.