Liturgy is an integral part of the life of the Catholic School.

It engages and involves the conscious, active and fruitful participation of everyone.
Liturgy is people praying a special prayer in a special way.

At St John’s Primary School we believe that Liturgy:
  • Is a relationship between the School, the Parish and the Community.
  • Leads the children to a greater understanding and growing in faith.
  • Leads to God encounters both as a community group or as a group of praying individuals.
  • Provides an opportunity to experience God’s love.
  • Is a formal practice of our faith.
  • Allows children to take part in a deliberate activity in one way or another to connect prayerfully with God.
  • Is a ritual involving symbols, both liturgical and relating to children’s lives.
  • Is listening to God’s Word.
  • Incorporates The Word, rituals, prayers, reflections, celebrations and symbolic actions.
  • Reinforces our faith beliefs.
  • Is a time to come together as a community of believers
  • Is an experience of God and of our faith

At St John’s Primary School we aim to:

  • Provide the children with a regular liturgical experience where they will participate in a variety of Liturgical activities on a regular basis, such as the Mass, Prayer Service.
  • Regularly attend Mass as a class and as a whole school.
  • Foster an environment based on the Catholic faith that allows children to experience a meaningful response to God.
  • Provide participatory styles and actions which should be colourful to, where applicable; enhance the impact of the experience.
  • Foster and nurture more involvement by children in liturgy.
  • Provide daily prayer experiences utilising all forms of prayer, dance, song, reflection, guided meditation etc.
  • Teach the Gospel values and put them into practise in all of our dealings with children and each other.
  • Make sacramental celebrations meaningful.
  • Make out faith accessible to all who wish to be a part of our community – no exclusions.
  • To teach the story of Jesus’ life and relate this to our own experiences.